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Hellenic Museum at the University of Connecticut, Storrs Campus
Center for Hellenic Studies Paideia at the University of Rhodes Island, Kingston Campus

 The University of Rhode Island will have a building of classical Greek architecture with an open air theater on its Kingston campus.  The Hellenic Studies Center Paideia is comprised of the Rodos Educational Building, the Ayios Loukas Greek Orthodox Chapel, and a Classical theater.  The building will contain classrooms, a small lecture hall, offices, a library, archival storage, the chapel, and exhibit space. A replica of the three pillars from the Acropolis of Rodos will be a prominent feature of the building. The facility will allow expanded curriculum offerings centered on Greek language, culture, and history and serve as home to the URI Humanities Center.

The Hellenic Museum will complete the Center for Hellenic Studies "Paideia" and will be in between the Macedonia Building and the Alexander the Great Theatre. It will focus on the contributions of the Laconians.

The Center for Hellenic Studies "Paideia" will include an educational building and an open air theater, similar to those of UCONN and URI. This project is still in its planning stages.

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Center for Hellenic Studies Paideia at the Florida - Atlantic University , Boca Raton

Paideia's Current Building Projects


The Hellenic Society Paideia is constructing several structures in various state universities.

Do you have an idea on what Paideia's next development should be? Write to us about it!

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