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Three Hierarchs Chapel &

Macedonia Educational Building

   October 5, 1995 was a historical day for the Greek Orthodox Community; the first Greek Orthodox Church in an American State University was opened at the University of Connecticut. 

          Just two years later, next to it the first Center for Hellenic Studies was completed and given the name "Macedonia". Learn more about events and classes at the Center by clicking here.

To learn more about the chapel, please click here.

Macedonia Museum

Bristol, CT is sister cities with Kozani, Greece. This only made it the  ideal location to host a small Hellenic Museum. The construction was completed and  opened its door with an Aiani exhibit in December, 2010. The Museum is part of the Bristol's Carousal Museum.

Open Air Greek Styled Theater

On September 29, 2012, the first authentic classical styled open air theater in America was opened. The theater is called "Alexander the Great". Please stay tuned for upcoming events in the theater!


Ikarus Statue

Located in the city of Ipsilanti, Michigan at the Eastern Michigan State University. 

Tholos of Delphi Replica

In April 1998, the Hellenic Society Paideia completed the construction of the Delphic Temple “THOLOS” on the University of South Alabama campus. We have also established an endowment fund for Classical and Hellenic Studies at the university. 

Paideia Center, Rhodes

H S Paideia received from Ministry of Culture in Greece a beautiful two story neoclassical building in the Old Town of Rhodes to be used for our study abroad programs. Paideia is grateful to Periferiarhi of South Aegean Greek Islands Hon. Ioannis Mahairidis, past Dodecanese Islands Nomarhai, Demos Kameirou, present and past mayors/city councils of Rhodes Island for giving their continuous support to Paideia's requests. The building underwent many renovations and was opened for use in January 2013. 


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