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Our Chapters


H. S. Paideia of Alabama

H. S. Paideia of Florida

H. S. Paideia of Maine

H. S. Paideia of New Hampshire

H. S. Paideia of New York

H. S. Paideia of Rhode Island

H. S. Paideia of Virginia

H. S. Paideia of Brazil

H. S. Paideia of Greece 

   *Athens Branch

   *Macedonia Branch

   *Rhodes Branch


Hellenic Student Association "Paideia" at UCONN

Hellenic Student Association "Paideia" at URI

Hellenic Student Association "Paideia" at HCHC







Who we are


"Paideia" is the Greek word incorporating education, instruction, discipline, culture, ideas, and citizenship. It is all the ideals of Classical Greece in one word. The Hellenic Society "Paideia" is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating students of all ages about the Hellenic Language and Culture.  It began as a small group of university students in 1977,  and now has chapters in several states, Brazil, and Greece. Paideia provides educational lectures, establishes Greek and Byzantium classes in Universities and High Schools, and grants various scholarships. Currently, its largest campaign is to construct Hellenic Centers with Greek Orthodox Chapels and Ancient Greek Styled Amphitheaters in American Universities.


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